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The company is totally committed to and has a passion for organic compost.



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Welcome to DB Judd

DB Judd Holdings is owned by Denzil & Rose Judd and is operating on the same land that was owed by Denzil’s father Walter since the early 50’s.


The company started in 1970 as a farming and contracting business and in the late 1990’s began receiving green waste. In the early 2000’s they started processing green waste into compost. Along with utilizing the by products from the bark operation the composting process requires consistent monitoring over a period of time so as to produce a high quality end product.


Along with these developments they also opened a retail yard to receive green waste and sell compost and bark products. This yard is open 7 days per week. They supply local clients and the public with all products and they also supply an Auckland market with bark products and have compost clients in the Bay of Plenty as well.


In the last 12 months DB Judd’s have grown the composting operation to a sizeable yard of 3.7 hectares. They recently purchased a new green waste shredder and a new compost turner. This machinery ensures they produce a “top end” product that is predominately organic.

The company is totally committed to and has passion for organic compost.

Gardening Goodies

Available in bulk or bagged

Organic Compost

Garden Bark

Improve the structure of your soil, retain moisture.

Just what you need for a low maintenance garden. It controls weeds and retains soil moisture.

Lawn Mix

Tub Mix

With slow release fertiliser. Great for repairing or laying lawns.

Free draining mix suitable for all outdoor pots.

We receive mulch and compost - all greenwaste.

Clean, user-friendly, and very competitive charges


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The company is totally committed to and has a passion for organic compost.


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